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Meagan is from Burbank, California and in October 2008 she owed $69,061 from 6 different credit cards and other unsecure debts, with interest rates from 13% to 30%. Her monthly minimum credit debt payment was $2,097, and she was on track to take 19 years to pay off her debt. Her FICO? score was 498.

After providing Meagan with free credit counseling, a debt management plan was proposed with a new monthly consolidated payment of $1,673, at an average interest rate of 16%. Total time to pay off her debts: five years. 13 months after enrolling in the plan, her credit score had risen to 572.

Meagan benefited from concessions offered by her creditors which lowered her interest rates to an average of 16% and her monthly payment by $424. More importantly, this new consolidated lower monthly payment will enable her to pay off the entire $69,061 in 5 years. In addition, Meagan?s credit score increased 74 points in just one year now that she is current on all of her debts and made all her payments on time each month.

Note: This is an actual Springboard DMP client. The client?s name and possibly location has been changed to protect their privacy. Read More Debt Management Case Studies >>

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