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Antonia is from Pomona, CA and in October 2008 she owed $13,325 to 7 different unsecured creditors. Her average interest rate was 27%. Her monthly minimum payments were $515. Her FICO? score was 482.

A debt management plan was set up for her with a consolidated monthly payment of $417, at an average interest rate of 24 %. Her plan will take 5 years to pay off. After just over a year on the plan, her FICO score? rose to 566.

The concessions granted by Antonia?s creditors lowered her monthly payment by almost $100, and dropped her average interest rate by from 27% to 24%. Plus she?ll repay her entire debt of $13,325 in five years. Also, her credit score rose 84 points after 13 months of making regular DMP payments.

Note: This is an actual Springboard DMP client. The client?s name and possibly location has been changed to protect their privacy. Read More Debt Management Case Studies >>

Debt Management Services and Credit Counseling

About Springboard?s debt management services and how to get started on credit counseling

Debt management services are provided by certified consumer credit counselors who work for nonprofit credit counseling services like Springboard. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management™ provides free credit counseling and education services to individuals and the community at large. Springboard counselors are certified by a 3rd party, and undergoes regular audits to maintain accreditation by COA and HUD certification.

Financial Analysis: Springboard offers debt management credit counseling that includes a complimentary, comprehensive review of your finances. Time is taken to help you get a complete picture of your income and spending to assess your overall financial situation.

Credit Review: Springboard counselors are also certified consumer credit report reviewers. They can help you access your credit report and score, and provide you with an evaluation of your credit along with expert advice on improving your credit over time.

Budgeting: Springboard counselors also help you prepare a comprehensive budget that you can live with. The budgeting advice is tailored to your unique situation, and is designed to help you pay off your outstanding debts in the minimum amount of time.

Debt Management :The debt management plan (DMP) isn?t available to everyone; Springboard counseling is available free nationwide, but the DMP is not available in a few states. After we provide a comprehensive credit counseling session free of charge, the information is available to evaluate your potential as a DMP client.

Those who are good candidates for a DMP can ask their counselor to set them up on a debt management plan at the end of the counseling session. There is no obligation and no charge for credit counseling, so don?t hesitate. Call (800) 294-3896 and speak to a certified consumer credit counselors today or Schedule an Appointment and you will be contacted in the next 24 hours.

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